Designing and planning a wedding is one of the first big challenges a couple takes on. There are details upon details and decisions compounded by your desires and someone’s mother’s opinion (most likely).

As professional DJs, we are extremely familiar with the pressure many couples experience when planning their dream wedding day.

Wedding DJ questions to ask

Questions you should ask your Wedding DJ

We are experienced in creating the right mood for every stage of your reception. From a jazzy cocktail hour to kicking off the first dance and opening the dance floor, we are experienced at creating a vibe that fills the rooms with the kind of excitement and joy that will have those reception photos popping.

Our years of experience as DJs in Wilmington and the surrounding areas have helped us determine 3 key questions any client should be asking the wedding DJ they are interviewing. It’s so crucial that you make informed decisions around the important selection of your wedding DJ.

Are they a Real, Accredited North Carolina Business?

As mobile DJs, they may not have a storefront; however, they should have a professional, up-to-date website, a branded email address, and a broad collection of reviews from happy clients.

They should also have a general liability insurance policy should any mishaps occur. We offer all the above and as well as planning tools to help you create your set-list for each stage of your wedding (because we’re cool like that).

Does this DJ Vibe With Us?

Your wedding DJ is much more than the person who spins the records (so-to-speak) while you cut up the dance floor. They are behind the mic leading your friends and family through the evening from opening tables to the buffet, hosting the toasts, and the count-down to the bouquet toss. They are literally the Master of Ceremonies, leading the day so you can enjoy every minute of it.

You need someone who has the kind of personality which represents you well as a couple. You need someone outgoing, personable as well as a good, clear communicator. Of course, this level of personality and professionalism also helps make the planning process easier from start to finish.

A good DJ is working with you from that first meeting, not just on the night itself, and we enjoy using the planning process to get to know our clients.

Are they an Experienced DJ?

Now, anyone can create a playlist. But, can they create a mood? Do they know how to mix, how to inspire the room to get out of their seats and join the fun? We believe that your DJ should have 5 years of experience as a DJ and entertainer.

They should have an extensive library of music covering different genres and the ability to read the room and seamlessly move from song to song. The wrong song at the wrong time can be a party killer: and you won’t find any of those here!

Coastal DJ and Video have been rocking weddings along the Carolina seaboard for over 30 years! We know weddings, we know music, and we know that we can create an unforgettable experience for you. Get in touch and let’s talk about designing the best party you’ve ever been to.