Do we have to purchase the Bar through you, or can we source the bar elsewhere?2022-02-15T02:34:31-05:00

The River Room offers in house bar packages for Beer and Wine, starting at $24 per person or
Full Bar packages starting at $30 per person. Bar Packages include setup/cleanup, all bar items
needed for your package of choice, and a bartender in our per person pricing.

Do you have an in-house caterer?2021-11-08T15:32:33-05:00

We have a list of approved caterers to choose from, with a variety of local caterers to fit your budget, menu desires and provide exceptional service for your special day. We require that staffing is hired on through the caterer and as no drop and go catering is permitted for any events. We have a prep kitchen onsite that caterers are able to use.

Who is in charge of a Room Flip?2020-09-21T08:23:51-04:00

If a wedding requires a room flip, this is the responsibility of The Wedding planner or Day of Contact to coordinate and execute.

Will your staff be involved in setting up and breaking down the décor?2020-09-21T08:23:35-04:00

The River Room staff will be responsible to set up/break down all The River Room inventory. Your tables/chairs will already be set up upon arrival based on the floor plan your wedding planner or Day of Contact provides us.

When can vendors arrive for setup?2020-09-21T08:23:13-04:00

Vendors can arrive as soon as your venue rental time starts (so as early as 10am on wedding day if needed)

Are there any décor restrictions?2020-09-21T08:22:53-04:00

We want you to be able to decor and have the wedding of your dreams. We do allow draping, lighting and floral installations to be set up by a professional florist, rental or lighting company. The venue even has hooks/ nails already in the places that clients decorate often. Candles can be used but must be enclosed in an enclosed container.

Command hooks can be used to hang items on the white wall if needed

We do not allow: Confetti, glitter, marbles, beads, or nailing/stapling anything to the walls

Can we bring in a DJ or Band?2020-09-21T08:22:10-04:00

Due to our HOA policy we do not allow bands onsite, but we do allow live musicians for the ceremony or cocktail hour. DJ’s are allowed onsite and we have some amazing DJ’s we work with on a regular basis that we can recommend for you. All music must end at 10pm due to the noise restrictions downtown Wilmington.

Isn’t the Venue Manager my Day of Coordination?2020-09-21T08:21:47-04:00

The River Room will provide a Venue Manager on your wedding day but their responsibility will be to open and close the Venue, monitor the trash, air conditioning, sound levels, bathrooms, etc., and will be available to answer any venue questions that may arise during the Wedding.

Do we need a Wedding Planner or A Day of Coordinator?2021-09-14T15:25:15-04:00

Yes, a Professional Wedding Planner is required for all weddings to ensure a flawless and successful wedding day. We have a list of approved planners to choose from. These planners are licensed, insured and have a year of professional planning experience.

Do you have a list of approved or recommended vendors we can use?2020-09-21T08:20:47-04:00

We have a list of local vendors that we love to work with and we know they will provide outstanding service for your wedding day, but you are not required to use them. If you choose another professional vendor they will need to provide us with their insurance information or sign our Venue agreement.

What size linens will I need for the tables that are included in the venue pricing?2022-02-15T02:36:31-05:00

Tables that are included and linen sizes are :
(5) Cocktail tables: 120” round linen or a 132” round linen if you choose to sash the
(10) 5ft round Guests tables: 120” round linen (can sit up to 10 guests)
(4) 6ft foot catering tables: 90X132 linen
(1) Farm Table: does not need to have a linen but if you choose to have one it will need
to be a 90X132
(1) 48” round Sweetheart or Cake Table: 108” linen
(2) 8ft tables: 90 X 156 linen

When does the venue need all my final details?2021-09-15T14:35:48-04:00

We will need your final guest count, floorplan(s), Vendor Contact and Wedding Day timeline 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. This allows us to staff and prepare for your wedding day.

How Do I know how the Room will be set up or laid out?2020-10-06T19:26:02-04:00

We have an online planning system we use called https://www.allseated.com/ . You can simply make a free account and our venue layout is on there so you can decide which setup will be best for your wedding.

What is the backup plan for rain or inclement weather?2020-09-21T08:19:29-04:00

The Deck is a great option for an outdoor ceremony or deck, but if the weather isn’t the best, the wedding can all be done inside with some modifications to the floorplan or a tent can be rented for the deck from local rental companies.

Do you have your own sound equipment and speakers, or will those need to be rented or provided by the entertainment?2020-09-21T08:19:07-04:00

No, speakers, microphones ect. will be provided by your DJ or musician.

Will guests be charged for parking?2020-09-21T08:18:49-04:00

All Parking is paid parking downtown, but street parking is free after 6:30pm

Is parking available on-site?2020-09-21T08:18:28-04:00

There are plenty of parking locations downtown. There is a parking lot across the street from The River Room, a parking garage 2 blocks away and street parking close by.

Are there any hidden fees that will be added onto my invoice?2020-09-21T08:18:11-04:00

No, we like to be super clear and do not want you to be surprised. We outline everything on your invoice so you know exactly what we will include in your venue rental. There is no service fee or gratuity % added on.

What is included in the venue rental:2021-09-14T15:36:53-04:00

We include the following items:
Inside The River Room
(100) Crossback Tuscan Style Chairs with cushions for reception
(10) 5 ft. round tables
(4) 6 ft. long banquet tables
(2) 8ft long banquet tables
(5) cocktail tables
(1) 4ft round sweetheart/cake table
(1) Farm Table
(1) mobile bar with 2 coolers
Indoor Edison string lighting

Deck Added on for Ceremony will include 100 white folding chairs

What is the capacity of the venue?2020-09-21T08:17:13-04:00

The River Room can accommodate up to 100 guests for a ceremony, cocktail hour or seated dinner. The Deck can accommodate up to 100 guests for a ceremony or cocktail hour.

What other events are going on at the venue on the same day?2020-09-21T08:16:56-04:00

No other events will be going on on your wedding day since it is a full day rental time. There could be a ceremony rehearsal or tours, but we schedule those before the couples arrive onsite.

How many hours are included in the rental of the space?2021-09-15T14:33:26-04:00

Our Wedding Rental time is from 10am-10pm and vendor clean up is from 10pm-11pm.

What available spaces do you have to rent?2020-09-21T08:16:19-04:00

We have The River Room, which is an indoor location or The Deck, which overlooks the Cape Fear River. These are rented separately, but both can be rented out for your wedding day.

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