5 of the Best Bridesmaid (And Groomsmen!) Gifts

Let’s talk about wedding party gifts. With everything that goes on with planning a wedding, you don’t want to leave the bridal party gifts to last minute. Whether you pick something small and simple or big and grand, it’s important to show your bridesmaids and groomsmen how much they mean to you.

Here are some great ideas for you to think about using!


1. Robes & Hangers

We know, we know this has become widely popular, especially if you’re searching through wedding Pinterest boards. We still think this is a super cute idea and makes some awesome photos!

A lot of hair and makeup artists will want your bridal party to wear a button up or zipper shirt, so this also makes it easier for both your bridesmaids and the hairdresser.


2. Wine package

If you and your friends are wine enthusiasts, then this might be the perfect gift for you to give! A lot of companies make their wines in smaller containers, perfect for gifting. A special touch might be to get some wine made from your hometown or the town you’re getting married in!

This can be a great gift for your bridesmaids to enjoy while you are all getting ready for the ceremony!


3. Spa Kit

Do you and your girlfriends love getting pampered? A spa kit would be a great gift for your bridesmaids! They’re relatively cheap to put together and some ideas of what to put in them might include:


  • Nail polish
  • Exfoliator brush
  • Bath bomb
  • Homemade body butter

It’s really whatever you want to put in, and they might be useful for the night before the wedding if you want to have one last sleepover!


4. Wedding Theme Box

This one might be the most thoughtful gift you could give! If your wedding has a theme such as winter wonderland or carnival, you can make a themed box for your bridesmaids based on your wedding elements.

Even if you’re not using a theme and are just going for a color pallet or rustic look, you can still make a theme box based off of that.

For example, if your wedding is going to have a lot of sunflowers, you can make a sunflower box and include sunflower items such as a picture frame, a necklace, a custom wine glass, etc!


5. Custom Tumbler or Water Bottle

These days, you can get anything customized! Water bottles or tumblers may be the gift you want to give if you’re thinking of re-usability. You can get your bridesmaids names done, ones that just say bridesmaids, or both!

Etsy has a lot of sellers that custom make these bottles, and you can get ones from this seller for as little as $9 a bottle!



1. Mini Bar Kit

It’s tradition for a lot of grooms to drink with their groomsmen before the ceremony. The getting ready part usually takes less time than the bride and her bridesmaid, so a great gift idea might be to get your groomsmen a mini bar kit or a rum and coke kit.

The mini bottles might be the perfect amount to have before the ceremony!


2. Anagrammed Flask

Monogrammed gifts are usually regarded as feminine, but an anagrammed flask might be the way to go if you think your friends might use them in the long run. You might even want to pair it with some mini bottles of whiskey or rum to fill the flasks with!


3. Matching Sunglasses

Getting your groomsmen matching anagrammed sunglasses makes for some classy photos on your wedding day. Everyone’s all dressed up, hair slicked back, and shades on.

You can get ones for your groomsmen, bridesmaid, or entire guest list. You can buy a set of 50 from Etsy for about $200, if you want to get them as wedding favors, or a set of 10 for $60.


4. Patterned Socks

Like the sunglasses, this is another grooms-gift ideal for your wedding photos. Patterned socks can be easily reusable, as long as you don’t pick a print on them that would be perceived as overly feminine


5. Realistic Bobble-heads

Alright, this gift idea is a little cheesy, but getting bobble-heads made for all of your groomsmen is definitely memorable and makes for some good pictures. If you’re thinking this is a useless gift after the fact of the wedding, think again! Your groomsmen can use them as a conversation piece if they keep them in their office or the dashboard of their cars!

Groomsmen might seem hard to shop for, but if you don’t think any of these ideas would be good for your guys, there are many more ideas you can search at Groovy Groomsmen Gifts! Whatever you decide to go with, make sure it’s meaningful and not just a gift they could get from anyone!

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