7 “Wow” Worthy Wedding Favors!

We get it, you want to thank your guests for coming to your wedding. Customized beer cozies are quite popular here at The River Room. Often they get left or thrown away right after the wedding though. Here are some alternatives that will surprise your guests and give your wedding a little extra flare!


7. CD Soundtrack

So mixed CDs might feel a little early 2000s for you, but we think it’s a cute and quirky gift option. Some songs to include might be the song played for your first dance, introduction song, and just some of your favorite song to jam out to.

A pack of 50 blank CD disc will only cost you $13.99 from Target!

Don’t forget to DIY some CD covers with both of your names and the date! One drawback to these customized CDs is how long it will take to burn each disc and the time to make the CD covers. Better get a group of friends together for a craft night!


6. Cactus or Succulents

Some people don’t have green thumbs, but thankfully a cactus and some succulents are low maintenance plants!

To buy these for your wedding you have a couple of different options including talking to local garden stores or florist to see their availability. You can also buy them in bulk online. Sites like The Succulent Source will let you pick out what types of pot you want and can even customize tags for them for as little as $1.80 per plant.

This is another hands on project though, as most places will send you the plants in their planters and you have to transport them into the pots yourself. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!

BONUS: You can use these as centerpieces and then tell the guest to take them with them to save on money and clean up!


5. Popcorn or Local Treat

A lot of towns or regions have a signature item that they specialize in and are famous for. Some towns it might be popcorn, chocolates, even chips! You can save money buying local and in bulk.

Out of town guests will think this personal touch is cute. Its also not that much of a time commitment, unless you want to transport the item into separate packages and make custom tags with both you and your partner’s names.


4. Mason Jar Hot Chocolate

This idea is perfect for the colder months or winter themed weddings! Lot’s of people love hot chocolate and these will last a while if you want to make them up in advance.

Scooping the chocolate powder might take a little time (and be a little messy) but it’s rather low on cost and ingredients. You can get all of the necessary items for this project at Walmart or Target or buy in bulk. Sites like containerandpackaging.com sell mason jars in bulk and you can get 120 of them with lids for just over $100. Then all you need is cocoa powder, marshmallows, and some tags for the directions!



3. Favorite Snacks

So you like Jelly Beans and your partner likes Skittles? Have both as a favor! Not only will it give you something to munch on in between giving hugs and cutting the cake, your guests will love the options. Make sure you have enough in case most people want Skittles over Jelly Beans.

BONUS: Any leftovers you can take home and you’ll be able to enjoy!


2. “Mint to be” Tic Tacs

Pun lovers rejoice! These customized Tic-Tacs will either cause your guests to laugh or to roll their eyes! It’s your big day though, so they can’t be too mad at your cute humor!

For this favor, all your will need is A LOT of packs of Tic-Tacs, some tape, and tags to put over the original labels. You can choose your favorite flavor of Tic-Tacs or get a variety of flavors (there are nine, not including limited edition or seasonal flavors).

Practically all convenience and grocery stores sell these, so you should have an easy time gathering them. If you talk to some grocery stores, you might even be able to order them in cases which may save you some money.

All your guests will have minty fresh breath which is something to celebrate!


1. Scented Candles

This one could be fun! To save time, you could buy in bulk you and your partner’s favorite scents from yummicandles.com where you can get a variety of scents and 24 candles for about $25.

OR you can buy the ingredients and make your own scented candles. This could be a cute bonding activity for your bridal party to test and play with different scents.

Either way candles are a great gift that your guests can burn to remember your big day!


So there you have it, seven unique wedding favor ideas. Did you use any of these or find another creative favor? Let us know in the comments below!

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