A Bridesmaid’s Duty

A bridesmaids duties are almost as important as the brides (no pressure). Outside of standing beside the bride at the altar and wearing matching or coordinated dresses, bridesmaids have a much more important role.

Bridesmaids are handpicked by the bride to help her through the whole process- planning to day of to the post-wedding.

Here are some of the tasks bridesmaids are responsible for handling!


Help Plan the Wedding

Some brides might be independent and prefer to do the planning with just her and her fiance, but more often than not, if you offer your help, she’ll take you up on it. Whether it be from dress picking to cake testing, give your opinion but remember it’s her day, not yours. You can not like something, but if she loves it, you should respect that and not tear her down for her opinion.

Keep in mind too that a bride might say she doesn’t need help early on, but as the day approaches, she might change her mind. There are a lot of last minute details I’m sure she would appreciate your help with, such as getting place cards ready or just making sure all of the decorations are ready.


Keeping the Brides Stress Level Low

On the day of the wedding, some brides can feel the pressure of making sure everything is perfect, especially if she doesn’t have a day of coordinator. Bridesmaids should know little details so that if questions arise, they don’t have to worry the bride with them.

Some examples might be

  • How many people are sitting at each table?
  • What time is the cake arriving?
  • Who all is wearing a boutonniere?
  • Who is cleaning up the flower petals being thrown by the flower girl?


Plan an AWESOME Bachelorette Party

The key to an awesome bachelorette party is understanding what the bride actually wants and enjoys. Is she more of a partier who wants to go out dancing, or would she rather stay more simple and go to a paint and sip class?

Figure out who the bride would want to come to her party, whether it just be the bridesmaids or a larger group. For some ideas on what to do for a bachelorette party, click HERE!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great night before your Miss. becomes a Mrs.


Write Letters

Having each bridesmaid write a letter or two to give to the bride on the day of the wedding is a cute unexpected touch to show how much it meant to be included in the wedding.

If you have time, you can write separate letters for her to open on her one month anniversary or one year anniversary. (Whether she can resist the excitement to open them all right away is a different story!)

No matter how much or how little you are involved in the planning process, keep in mind that the bride hand picked you! Even if you live in different states and can’t be there for everything, it is still important to let the bride know you care and support her!

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