You’re Married! Now What?

A couple of weeks ago we shared a blog titled “You’re Engaged! Now What?” explaining a few of the first steps into the wedding planning process. It’s not all about the wedding, though. You also have to keep in mind the post-wedding.

We’re not saying you should stress out and start the day after your wedding, but after you and your new husband/wife have settled back into normal life, there are a few things you need to do!


Go Through Decor

More than likely, as soon as the wedding was over, you or whoever was responsible for clean up just packed everything into cars without much sorting. Don’t fret! Go through the boxes and figure out what to do with the decor.

Were some of the items rented or borrowed and need returned? Do you have someone you’re passing the items along to? Are you going to try to sell any of them at a wedding consignment shop?

We’re of course not saying you can’t keep your decor to decorate your house! Just keep in mind how you want to store those items until you need them!


Send Thank-You Cards

When you go through the cards and gifts from your wedding, keep a list of who the items or card is from and what the item is. If cash or check, keep track of the amount to do a tally at the end. Once your list is compiled, write handwritten thank-you notes to each person or household who got you something.

You should already have their addresses from sending the invites!

You can also send thank you notes to the vendors you used to thank them for their services.


Go Through Guest Book

Lots of times guests will write meaningful statements in your guest book beside their names. If you had/have an alternative guest book, you can have guests take Polaroid photos of themselves for you to keep in addition to the photographers photos.



Congratulations, you’re married! You got through your big day, hopefully as stress free as possible. After all post-wedding and honeymoon activities are over, take solace in the fact that you get to sit back and enjoy your marriage with the person you love the most!

Congratulations again! We wish you and your spouse the happiest of marriages!

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