Meet The Dew’s: Jewell & Shelly

We’ve had a fun time planning the Dew Wedding for the past couple of months. We knew these two gals would have a great wedding from the beginning!

Shelly and Jewell both got ready next door in Sunset Flat bridal suite before heading down the aisle in The River Room on October 15, 2017. Their runner was customized, as was the rest of the room, from a slideshow from their years together to framed photos and a wedding day banner.

We get a lot of couples who like to do a lot of DIY projects, and the Dew’s were no different! From decor to dinner, they put a lot of love into making their wedding custom with a lot of purple!

We loved a lot about these two, but one of our favorite parts was a white wedding cake, that when it was cut surprised guests to reveal a rainbow interior!

Coastal DJ & Video was there to make sure everyone had a great night before sending Jewell and Shelly off to enjoy the rest of their married life together! Congratulations to The Dew’s!


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