#FianceFriday: Angeles & Osby

Angel and Oswaldo are two lovers who didn’t have the love at first sight encounter. There love story is old fashioned and down to earth, but completely adorable.


How They Met

Osby was a friend of Angel’s brother. He had a crush on her for a while before Angel finally took the time to get to know him. They had a heart to heart one night on the beach till the sun came up. It was still another year before the two started going steady.

Their first date was to the movies where they watched The Lucky One. Fast forward five years and they love fishing, the beach, and singing in the car together.


The Proposal

Going back to their roots, Osby proposed to Angel on the beach. They went out for an intimate night walk in Myrtle Beach, and after stopping to enjoy the scenery, Osby got down on one knee and popped the question. After composing herself through the excited crying, Angel said yes!

The two will say “I Do” here at The River Room on November 11, 2017! We can’t wait!

  • Angeles

    I love it! Thank you for sharing our story.

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